She writes to give light, to give comfort, to spread love, and make people happy through her stories.


Binibining Elaine also known as MsAstherineGleams started calling herself with this pen name. 'Ms' because she is a beautifully and wonderfully made woman of God. 'Astherine' or 'Asterin' is a name that means stars goddess. And 'gleams' because just like stars, her mission is to give light in the middle of the dark sky. The overall meaning of her username is 'The Stars will shine'.


Binibining Elaine is a 15-year-old lady that loves writing science fiction. She writes sonnets, poems, novels, and short stories. She started writing when she was seven years old yet her goal is to improve every day. She loves science (especially astronomy) and history. Elaine is an aspiring astronaut that is soon to see the stars that she admires in personal.


You can reach me through my social media accounts that are linked below! I'd gladly answer your messages, questions, and other errands!


She calls the stars in her dark, silent sky as 'mRNAs'. Scientifically speaking, it means 'messenger Ribonucleic acid' that transforms the synthesized genetic codes into DNAs once injected into the body. Same as her readers, when she discovered that she had them, her synthesized 'fake' happiness was turned into a real one. And since it is foreign to her body, it (the happiness) will continuously duplicate. mRNAs also means 'my Real Notable Asteris' which means 'My happiness comes from my stars'.


Please take note that I am more than thankful that you exist. Do know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. You are enough. Your time will come, just pray and believe. I am always here for y'all, oki? If I can't shine for you, please shine for me!! You, my mRNAs, are my hope and my saving grace. I love you more than any star in my night sky. I shine for you!

All my love that is much much much larger than the universe,

Binibining Elaine ⚝